Sustainability Studies

Why Sustainability Studies?

Sustainability is central to nearly every professional field, from developing clean energy to protecting our natural resources to meeting the many challenges of urbanization and population density.

Whether your interests tend toward technology and engineering, the humanities and leadership, or the natural sciences, our interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies master’s degree program opens a host of career paths designed to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. You can be a part of finding solutions today for the future's biggest challenges.


Program Overview

Students may choose between a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree. Each student, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, will design an individualized course of study reflecting individual career goals and life aspirations. The course of study will determine whether the degree plan is appropriately an MA or an MS program.

To reflect the interdisciplinarity of the program, student background, student aspirations, and the variety of professional paths open to sustainability experts, students will choose to write a thesis or to complete a professional project as the final product of their course of studies.


Our faculty members conduct cutting-edge research on sustainability. Recent faculty publications have examined pollution by the military, food ethics, consumerism, urban farming, globalization and the environment, sustainability in cities and rural areas, nanotechnology, technology and sustainability, and environmental laws and policies.


Careers in Sustainability

The graduates of the Sustainability Studies program will graduate with methodological, statistical, and critical thinking skills that will make them competitive in the emerging sustainability market. Graduates will be prepared for admission into doctoral programs in addition to important positions in the growing field of sustainability-related careers in local, state or federal government, regulatory agencies, nongovernmental organizations, consulting firms and other relevant industries. 


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Sustainability Studies Grad Director

Dr. Chad L. Smith
THH 470

Graduate Programs Specialist


Emrys Williams
THH 449