Alumni Stories

The graduate degrees in sustainability studies prepare committed leaders to address emerging sustainability issues. When you complete this program you will have the technical skills to formulate and solve problems, as well as the breadth of vision to recognize the interconnectedness and complexity of human-environment systems.

Here's what our current students and alumni are doing! 

  • Ashley Pritchard (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Environmental Investigator II for TCEQ region 13
  • Amy Kirwin (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Keep San Marcos Beautiful Coordinator, City of San Marcos
  • Maggie Bergeron (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Planning Administrator, City of Victoria 
  • Phoenix Castilla (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Environmental Permit Specialist for TCEQ headquarters
  • Steven Weeks (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Pursuing PhD in Applied Demography at UTSA
  • Rebecca Beahan (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Communications Specialist, City of San Marcos
  • Daylon Howell (MS Sustainability Studies, 2019), State Programs Reporting Coordinator, Texas Water Development Board
  • Kylie Beard (MS Sustainability Studies, 2019), Geospatial Technician, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department
  • Veronica Bouilov (MS Sustainability Studies 2019), Renewable Energy Consultant at Solar Power Integrators
  • Tyler Leverenz-Soetaert (MS Sustainability Studies 2018), Environmental Programs Coordinator, Town of Flower Mound 
  • Juan Martinez (MS Sustainability Studies 2020), Sustainability Coordinator, University of Houston-Downtown
  • Alyssa Loveday (MS Sustainability Studies 2020), Natural Resources Specialist II- Water Section, Enforcement Division, TCEQ, Austin
  • Delorean Wiley (MS Sustainability Studies 2019) is the Owner and Operator at the Wily Baker
  • Xiu Wu (MS Sustainability Studies 2020) is pursuing a PhD at Texas State in Geographic Information Systems
  • Lindsay Loftin, was the student delegate appointed to represent the Sustainability and Sociology programs at the annual student Graduate Leadership Conferences at Texas State. 
  • Tom Myers, Currently working for the Texas Military Department as the Texas Energy Program Manager for the Texas Army National Guard. They work closely with the department of defense, the state of Texas, The National Renewable Energy Lab, and the Department of Energy to reduce carbon emissions and increase resiliency on our military installations. A current project includes 2 micro-grids, a smart-water grid, and a building automation controls program. They recently received funding to work with Dr. Rebecca Davio and the Texas State University Institute of Government Innovation to research our proposed smart water grid project at Camp Swift, Bastrop, Texas. 
  • Amanda Armstrong, is working on a saline aquaphonics publication with Dr. Saha in the Ag department. 

  • Robert Eby (MS Sustainability Studies 2020) Residential Green Building Project Manager for Austin Energy. Robert presented his thesis research on campus sustainability plans at the 2020 AASHE conference and published the research in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. 
  • Yunuen Bustos was awarded the 2021 Leadership Institute Annual Conference scholarship by the TXST Leadership Institute. Yunuen is the only student in Leadership Institute history to have earned the scholarship more than once (this is her third time receiving the scholarship). 
  • Lindsay Loftin won Top Presentation at the 2021 Texas State International Research Conference for her presentation "Property Rights or Human Rights: Content Analysis of Media Depictions of the Unhoused". She will also be presenting at the 2021 American Sociological Association Annual Conference at the Open Roundtable on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility. Lindsay is working as an Environmental Education Programs Manager at Westcave Preserve.