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Help with Registration

  • Help! It won't let me register!

    • The first step to registration problem solving is to read the CRN.

      Check the " CRN" of the course. CRN


      The CRN will tell you if you need to take a lab with the course, get departmental approval, or if there are any other requirments for taking the course.

    • Does the course you are trying to register for require a lecture and a lab section? If so, to successfully register, you must register for both the course and the lab at the same time.

      First, click the CRN.


      This will take you the CRN page. The page will tell you if the course requires a lab, and what labs you may choose from.


      Also, lab sections are labeled for your benefit. Make sure the lab you register for does not conflict with another class.


Get a feel for the course

Do you want to know more about your course? Wondering about the workload? Wish you could get a better understanding on teaching style and course organization?

Use HB 2504

HB 2504 provides previous course sllyabi, professor's vita , and Student Preception Inquires (SPI). This is a useful tool to see what the course workload will be like. Also, Student Perception are responses from fellow Bobcats like you.

Please take a look at the new step-by-step instructional video on registering for your classes.

The video covers:
Registering for classes
Dropping a class
How to add a class and a lab