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Schedule Changes, Class Overrides, and Course Equivalency

Policy on Schedule Changes, Closed Class Overrides, and Course Equivalency Requests Adopted March 2021

Regular Registration

Students register for Philosophy and Religious Studies courses on a first-come, first served basis. Students with questions regarding class registration, including about their time ticket and access periods, can find guidance here or by contacting the Office of the University Registrar.

Students should meet with their advisor to ensure they do not have any holds.

For more information about courses, majors, and minors housed in this department, you can contact: 
Natasha Mikles
Religious Studies, Advisor

Joe Laycock
Religious Studies, Program Coordinator

Anthony Cross
Philosophy, Director of Graduate Studies

Rebekah Ross
Philosophy, Undergraduate Advisor

Peter Hutcheson
Philosophy, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Craig Hanks
Department Chair, Advisor for Medical Humanities

College of Liberal Arts Advising
All courses and programs of study within the College of Liberal Arts

Schedule Changes (After the start of classes)

Once classes start, students have the first 7 class days to change their schedules through adds and drops. No special approval is needed during this time. After the 7th class day, however, written consent of the department chair or designee is needed to add a class. Such approval is granted only in exceptional cases and with the consent of the instructor.  Because course design differs from class to class, and from instructor to instructor, students might not be allowed to add a class after the 7th class day, and even if approved to add a course they might not be allowed to make up missed assignments.

Course Equivalency Requests

Occasionally, a philosophy or religious studies course transferred from another institution is not recognized by the computer system or by an established policy or inter-institutional agreement.  In those instances, students may request an evaluation to determine which Texas State courses are reasonable equivalents. If you are wanting a course equivalency review, please fill out this form.

Closed Class Override

The Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies does not typically admit students into closed classes.  However, if you believe you have an exceptional reason to join a closed course, we do provide two routes to facilitate your requests for space:

  • Students who believe they have an exceptional reason that justifies late admission, should submit this form.
  • Occasionally, the Department of Philosophy will be able to open additional general education courses (PHIL 1305, PHIL 1320, and REL 1300). If you need one of these courses, please fill out this form. If we have enough requests to support additional course sections, and if funding and space are available, the department will open an additional section.