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Symposium Schedule

Genocide Awareness Symposium

Schedule of Events

April 1st - April 12th, 2024

Week I

Monday 04.01.2024 2 pm Inaugural Speech: Women and Children during the Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsis in Rwanda, 1994 Providence Umugawaneza
04.01.2024 3 pm Panel discussion with genocide survivors: Providence Umugwaneza (Rwanda), Lucy Katz (Holocaust) Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission
Tuesday 04.02.2024 12:30 pm Genocide & Survival: Native America and the Legacy of the Past Alex Alvarez - Northern Arizona University
04.02.2024 2:30 pm Art Exhibition: The 74th Yazidi Genocide Falah Alrasam and Sarwa Azeez
Wednesday 04.03.2024 San Marcos Public Library 3:30 pm Screening of film, Repairing the World
04.03.2024 4:15 pm It (genocide) Can Happen Here (in the US) Alexander Laban Hinton - Rutgers University
Thursday 04.04.2024 11 am The Problems of Genocide: Definitional Constraints A. Dirk Moses - City University of New York
04.04.2024 12:30 pm Colonization and Genocide Elizabeth Bishop – North African/Modern Arab Studies, History, Texas State University
04.04.2024 2 pm The Epistemic Conditions of Genocide in Africa: The Example of the Igbo Genocide in Nigeria, 1966-1970 Arthur Chigbo Anyaduba - Winnipeg University
Friday 04.05.2024 12:30 pm Accelerants and Triggers of Genocide James Waller - University of Connecticut
04.05.2024 1:30 pm Law, Neuroscience, and Genocide Studies: The ICC case of Dominic Ongwen Sabah Carrim - Austin Community College, Binghamton University
04.05.2024 2:30 pm Atrocity Images: Perpetrator Photographs from the Holocaust and Beyond Lukas Meissel -Hebrew University Jerusalem

Week II

Monday 04.08.2024 11 am Imaginary and Fabricated Genocides Henry Theriault - Worcester State University
04.08.2024 2 pm Panel discussion: The Making of Aurora’s Sunrise with Henry Theriault and Inna Sahakyan Inna Sahakyan, Film Director
Tuesday 04.09.2024 12:30 pm Geographies of the Holocaust Alberto Giordano - Texas State University
04.09.2024 2 pm Teaching the Holocaust in Texas Amy Frake - Holocaust Museum of Houston
04.09.2024 2:45 pm Art Exhibition of Samuel Bak’s Holocaust paintings Laurie Garcia - Holocaust Museum of Houston
Wednesday 04.10.2024 San Marcos Public Library 3:30 pm Criminal Justice Tools for Preventing Mass Atrocities: A Project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Katherine Southwick
Thursday 04.11.2024 12:30 pm Panel discussion: The Role of Literature on Genocide - Perpetration or Prevention? Robert Tally and Suparno Banerjee - Texas State University
04.11.2024 2 pm Drunk on Genocide: Alcohol, Masculinity, and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany Edward B. Westermann - Texas A & M, San Antonio
Friday 04.12.2024 2:30 pm The Rohingya Crisis and Changing Perceptions of Universality in Southeast Asia Micaela Cayton Garrido - DePaul University
04.12.2024 3:30 pm Panel Discussion: The ICJ and the Future of Gaza Arie Dubnov, Faisal Devji, Dirk Moses, Omar Yousef Shehabi, Diana Greenwald