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2021 DS Media

Philosophy Dialogue Series

2021 Media Archive

Philosophy Dialogue Series Spring 2021 Program

Week I: Sex, Love, and Intimacy

Week II: Reasoning

Week III: Isms

Week IV: Ethics and the Economy

Week V: Searching for Meaning in a Dynamic Universe

Week VI: Environmental (In)Justice

Week VII: Phenomenology

Week VIII: Mending the Social Fabric


Philosophy Dialogue Series Fall 2021 Program

Week I: Dazed and Confused -- Reflections on the Plague Year and Beyond

Week II: Compassion and Empathy

Week III: The Other

Week IV: Critical Race Theory and Education

Week V: Compassion and Community

Week VI: Masked or Unmasked?

Week VII: God and Nature

Week VIII: Conspiracies

Affiliated Events, 2021