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We are continually monitoring and updating our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see your question answered below, please use one of the following resources and we will be happy to provide prompt assistance:
 - email us at
 - call us at (512) 245-2543

Q: When Is Payday? 
A: Salaried employees are paid monthly on the first work day of the month and hourly employees are paid semi-monthly at mid-month and at the end of the month.  For a detailed payroll schedule, please see the payroll calendar.

Q: How can I view and print my pay stub (earnings statement)?
A: Here are instructions to view and print your pay statement. Sign in to the SAP login portal to view and print your pay statement and enter time sheet information using your SAP password.  If you do not have a password, please request one from the IT Assistance Center.

Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?
A: You can sign up on-line or in person using direct deposit enrollment instructions.

Q: How do I enter my work time into SAP/ESS?
A: Here are instructions on how to enter your time into the SAP / ESS system for Hourly Employees and for Salaried Employees.

Q: How do I approve my employees' work time in SAP?
A: Here are instructions on how to approve employee time in the SAP / MSS system.

Q: Can I get a replacement copy of my current year or a prior year W-2?
A: Yes.

  • Employees who have consented to receive their W-2 electronically may retrieve forms via SAP (Form W-2  will be available January 31).
  • You may request a reprint of the W-2 after February 15.
  • To request a copy of a prior year W-2, use this link to download the form to request a copy of a W-2.  It will take at least 2 business days to process your request.

Q: Whom should I inform of my change of address (for my W-2)?
A: For all change of address issues please go to the Human Resources web site.

Q: Where can I get help filling out a W-4 form?
A: Here is a link to a website that will provide assistance:

Q: Do I need to fill out a new W-4 form every year?
A: Generally, if you do not wish to change federal tax filing or exemption information, you do not have to complete a new form each year.  If you are claiming exemption from federal tax withholding, you must submit a new W-4 each year.   Here are complete IRS instructions on W-4 filing requirements.

Q: How many exemptions should I claim on my W-4?
A: A great tool to help you determine this is the IRS Withholding Calculator.