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How To Get Your W-2 Online

Get Your W-2 Form Electronically

How to sign up for electronic W-2

To change your W-2 election, follow these steps:

  1. Login:  SAP Portal with your ID and password then click on Log On. W-2 Online Election

  2. At the Employee Services Tab, the default should be MAP, then Click on the Payroll link.

  3. Click on Election for Online W-2 link.

  4. At the Election for Online W-2/W-2c, click on New Election.

  5. Click on Elect for Texas State University, should view Election period open, dates, Tax Company and the current status.

  6. Election Details is next.  Click on Receive W-2 Online.

  7. A Confirmation Box pops up on the screen, click OK to consent for your W-2 Online delivery.

  8. Once elected you will see at the top left corner of the screen that the data was saved successfully.


How to view your W-2

Instructions to Access Your Form W-2

  1. Go to the Texas State home page ( ).
  2. Under  Online Services , click  SAP Portal.
  3. Enter your NetID (e.g., zzz99) and SAP  password
  4. Click  Log On
  5. Click the  SAP Employee Self-Service
  6. Scroll down and click on the W-2 link
  7. Scroll down to Online Forms W-2/W-2c
  8. Under Search Results for Online Forms W-2/W-2c, click on the box    Texas State University 2022 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement,
  9. Click on Display.  
  10. Your 2018 W-2 Form should now be displayed on the same screen or the following box may be displayed at the bottom of the screen,  Do you want to open the form from  Click Open
  11. After viewing, close the screen by clicking on the X located at the upper right-hand corner.
  12. Click on Log Off to exit the SAP Portal