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PMWC Trip 2017

Every July, Mathworks sends a team of 4 Texas middle school students to Hong Kong, where they participate in the Primary Math World Contest. This year’s team won the Po Leung cup and placed 2nd Runner-Up overall. They were also awarded the group prize for Merit.

Each member of the team scored 14 out of 15 possible points, an impressive accomplishment for the team as a whole. Local San Marcos teacher, Dawn Blackwell, says that her “most memorable moment was in between the individual test and the group test. I was standing outside talking to one of the coaches from South Africa, when Isabella yelled, ‘Dawn!’ I looked up, and she said, ‘We all got 14s!’ I said ‘I know, and I am proud of y'all,’ and gave them two thumbs up. They were so excited.”

Congratulations to the 2017 team for such stellar accomplishments!