Honors Spaces & Initiatives

A Home for Honors

Lampasas Hall—home of the TXST Honors College—is one of the most historic buildings on campus. Explore some of the organizations and initiatives you can find here today.

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Honors College Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors (HCA) is a student-led organization of passionate Honors students with the mission to become ambassadors of excellence, leadership, and service. We represent the Honors College and embody its core values: Open. Engaged. Impactful.

Honors College Ambassadors
Multicultural Lounge Mural

Lounge and Library

The Multicultural Lounge and Earl Moseley, Jr., Black Students' Resource Library opened for use in Spring 2017. Find out why it was started and what the space stands for today. 

Honors Hammock Haven

What's not to love? The alliteration says it all! Honors Bobcats + Hammocks + Space for your Hammocks = the best way to study. Period. 

Hammock Haven 1
An exhibition poster the 407

The 407

The Honors College houses The 407. Come visit, and explore outstanding artworks and public events.

Stelos Scholars

The Stelos Scholars program is a new initiative housed in the Honors College. Focused on developing leadership and creative skills, the program involves travel, workshops, and alumni networking—at no cost to students.

Stelos Scholars in Philadelphia

A Home For You

Laurel Hall houses the Honors College LLC—a place where Honors Bobcats live, learn, and grow together as a community.