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The Stelos Scholars is a selective program for community-minded and intellectually gifted young leaders selected from among the university’s most ambitious students.

Summer 2024 Program Dates

Dates for the 2024 summer intensive have been announced! The workshop will begin on the afternoon of Sunday, July 28, 2024 and will conclude on the afternoon of Saturday, August 3, 2024.

This year, the program will begin with an expanded team-building activity. In partnership with Outdoor Recreation, students will participate in the Trailhead: Basecamp program at University Camp.

The First Cohort
There are brilliant students on campus, so let’s give them an opportunity to learn new things and really challenge themselves.
Bill Poston
"The First 15," Hillviews
Instagram post for Stelos Scholars
Food is the source of … your health, your attitude, your mindset, and it can also be the source of your community.
Madelyn Parsons, Stelos Scholar
TXST Sustainability Office
Trey Gomez
"It really was a lot of luck that brought me here, but I wouldn't trade it for anything."
Trey Gomez, Stelos Scholar
"Google search..." TXST Newsroom
Stelos Scholars in New York, 2022
More than giving me a community of like-minded individuals to interact with, it has also given me the opportunity to explore New York with them.
Karina Rodriguez Leal, Stelos Scholar
"New Stelos Scholars..." TXST Newsroom
Madelyn Parsons at the Hays County Food Bank garden.
Gardening has become more of a focus at the food bank with this project, and the community will benefit from it.
Madelyn Parsons, Stelos Scholar
"Student designs garden," TXST news

What is the Stelos Scholars Experience?

Tabling at the final showcase.

Stelos 2021: Summer Workshop


Students are encouraged to apply for the Stelos Scholars after earning at least 30 college credits. To be eligible, students must have completed at least one full semester as a full-time student at TXST; and they must have at least 4 long semesters (fall, spring) remaining at Texas State.

Students who are not already members of the Honors College will automatically become members upon selection as a Stelos Scholar. To learn more about the Honors College, and why you should join, visit our application information page.

PART 1: Summer Intensive

After being accepted as a Stelos Scholars, students will participate in a week long summer workshop designed to challenge them to think deeply and meaningfully about a problem facing our community. Residency on the TXST campus is required for the summer intensive. All room, board, and activities will be provided at no cost to the students. In the summer of 2024, students will undertake a "design sprint" working in partnership with a local community organization.

In the summer of 2024, program dates will begin on Sunday, July 28, 2024 and will conclude on the afternoon of Saturday, August 3, 2024.

PART 2: Fall Course

After completing the summer intensive, students return to campus in the fall semester and enroll in an Honors College course with other Stelos Scholars. In the fall of 2024, this course will be HON 3397J, "Extraordinary Leadership," taught by Prof. Bill Poston. (Note that the Stelos Scholars program does not cover tuition.)

PART 3: Spring Travel

After successfully completing the fall semester course, students will travel as a cohort to visit with Bobcat alumni and other professionals working in companies and organizations in their field of interest. Possible locations include New York City, San Francisco, or similar. There is no cost to the student for any aspect of the travel experience.

PART 4: Senior Seminar

In their final fall semester at TXST, Stelos Scholars reconvene in the classroom in a course designed to help them launch a significant research or creative project. Whether focused on an Honors capstone or a post-graduate fellowship, these projects will be a showcase opportunity for students in the program. (Note that the Stelos Scholars program does not cover tuition.)

Program History

Summer 2021 (Cohort 1)

Challenge topic: "Design a Better Way to Move Around San Marcos"

Spring 2022 (Cohort 1)

Travel destination: New York City & Philadelphia

Summer 2022 (Cohort 2)

Challenge topic: "Design for Sustainable Food"

Spring 2023 (Cohort 2)

Travel destination: New York City

Summer 2023 (Cohort 3)

Challenge topic: “Design for Culture”

Spring 2024 (Cohort 4)

Travel destination: TBD

The Application Process

Applications to join the fall 2024 cohort of the Stelos Scholars will open on Monday, January 8, 2024 and close at 11:59pm on Sunday, March 17, 2024. Results are announced in mid-April.

Note: You must be logged-in to using your TXST NetID and/or Bobcat email to submit an application.

Nominate a Student

Are you a faculty or staff member at TXST? Do you know a student who seems like a good match for the Stelos Scholars? Send us their information using the nomination form below.

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How to Join

Eligibility Requirements

Any undergraduate student at Texas State is eligible to apply. Applicants must have completed at least 30 credit hours and must plan to remain enrolled at TXST for least 4 semesters after acceptance into the program.

To be considered, applicants must complete and submit an application form. The form includes questions about an applicant's academic background as well as several short answer questions about leadership and intellectual curiosity.

Otherwise, there are no absolute expectations for academic performance (for example, there is no minimum GPA requirement). Each application will receive a holistic review by multiple readers.

A few terms and conditions

By applying to join the Stelos Scholars, students agree to participate in all aspects of the program—both curricular (courses) and co-curricular (travel, summer intensive).

Although Stelos is not a "scholarship" program, in that no tuition reimbursement is provided, all other aspects of the program are provided without charge to the student. There is no additional cost for any aspect of the summer intensive or the travel experience: transportation costs, activity fees, room, and board are covered by the program for all workshop and travel experiences. Please note, however, that the Stelos Scholars does not cover Texas State University tuition and fees; nor does the Stelos Scholars provide funding for on-campus room and board during the regular school year.

Status as a Stelos Scholar is a privilege, not a right. Student behavioral and academic records will be assessed prior to receiving final travel permission, and benefits may be revoked if we believe students have acted in a manner that demonstrates severe lack of good judgement.

Stelos Scholars: Outcomes

What do our Stelos summer workshops look like? Take a look at the following documents to explore our activities and challenges during prior years.