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Foreign Travel


To participate in a university-sanctioned trip to a foreign country and obtain reimbursement for expenses, travelers must receive prior approval from the President or President's approved delegate (Divisional Cabinet Officer, where applicable). This requirement also includes foreign guests traveling to Texas State when expenses are paid by Texas State.

  1. Complete a travel request in Concur; non-employees must complete a travel application.
  2. All current Texas State students, employees, and guests of employees must complete and attach the applicable Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk for Foreign Travel form (T-4, T-4G, or T-4M) for university-sanctioned foreign trips, located on the Forms webpage.
  3. Review the information listed under the International Travel tab on the Office of Research & Sponsored Program's Export Control webpage.
  4. Submit the travel request or application for approvals ten (10) business days prior to departure. Approvals include the account manager, academic chair (if applicable), academic dean (if applicable), division Cabinet Officer, the President (if applicable), and the Office of Risk and Compliance.

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    1. Lodging and Meals & Incidental Expenses Per Diem rates are payable in accordance with the Lodging and M&IE policies and rates approved by executive management.
    2. Foreign travel must be for the benefit of the State of Texas and any personal benefit thereby occurred must be solely incidental to the official travel purpose. It is the obligation of the traveling individual employee and his/her supervisors and executive head to ensure all foreign travel conforms to this requirement.
    3. The Texas State University System policy is to not approve travel requests to a nation that is, at the time the request is received, subject to a travel advisory issued by the United States Department of State constituting a warning against or restriction of travel by United States citizens unless the traveler signs a waiver of liability, hold harmless, and assumption of risk release on a form approved by the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel. Contact the State Department’s offices in Washington at (202) 647-5226 to determine if a country is subject to such a travel advisory.
    4. The traveler must convert to United States dollars the travel expenses incurred in foreign currency and have the exchange rate on the travel voucher.
  • Texas State University must comply with all applicable U.S. government export control regulations. While most Texas State research and technology development is exempt from U.S. export control laws, these regulations may present complications for conducting research and academic activities. The International Travel Checklist is required to ensure traveler compliance with these regulations and identify when a license or license exception is needed before traveling. Additional information is available on the Office of Research and Sponsored Program's Export Control webpage.

  • On Call International (On Call) is the Duty of Care travel assistance provider for Texas State University international travelers. Wherever you go, Texas State University wants to help ensure your health and safety. If you are planning a university-sponsored trip outside of the United States, you have access to On Call, which provides medical and security services as well as foreign insurance coverage. These services are a great benefit in the event you need help while traveling. When booking travel reservations through CTP, the university's travel agency, your itinerary is automatically forwarded to On Call. If the trip is booked personally or by a third party, you must manually forward the itinerary to On Call. Itinerary forwarding instructions as well as a summary of the On Call features, assistant app, and tools are all available in the Traveler Pre-trip Reference Guide. It is strongly advised to be aware of this information before traveling. Refer to this guide for access to the On Call website and the following:

    • Plan Contacts and Resources
    • Examples of situations you may encounter and what action to take
    • Overview and list of services and benefits offered by On Call
    • Information on additional medical, travel, and security assistance 
    • How to access medical care abroad
    • Adding On call to your phone contacts

    Visit the On Call Plan Information Portal for other pre-trip resources, plan information, orientation video, contact details, and claims information. The Travel Assistance & Foreign Travel Insurance webpage also contains the most up to date information for the On Call program, summaries, guides, and assistance app information. Continue to check this webpage for status updates regarding the On Call portal access. You will need the Texas State Group ID number from the Traveler Pre-trip Reference Guide to access the portal. 

    On Call may be reached from anywhere in the world by calling 1 (855) 226-8499 (toll free from the US or Canada) or 1 (603) 328-1901 (collect). This information should be saved in your phone contacts list. You will need the Texas State Group ID number (included in the Pre-trip Reference Guide) for these calls. Should you have any questions regarding foreign travel insurance, please contact the Office of EHSRM at (512) 245-3616 and ask for the Insurance Specialist.

  • The completed expense report, including receipts, should be filed within thirty days after completing the trip. The traveler should also provide the foreign currency exchange rate on the expense report. For receipt requirements and conversion methodologies, review the Receipt Requirements.