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Traveler Certification Statement

A Traveler Certification Statement must be attached to the Concur Travel Expense Report when requesting a traveler reimbursement and the traveler is unable to directly submit for approval. Otherwise, the Expense Report will be returned for corrections and the reimbursement delayed.

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  • Copy and paste the template below into an email (and save as a signature template for future reference). Complete the travel information and email to the traveler for approval. The traveler can simply reply back to you with “Agree” as their signature.

  • This email serves as my signature and validation of the expenses on this Expense Report. I certify that the expenses are correct and have not been reimbursed to me by any other method.

    The summary of the travel expenses is as follows:

    Traveler Name:

    Trip Number:

    Dates of Travel:

    Amount of Reimbursement: