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College Curriculum Committees Roster



College of Applied Arts:
Dr. Elizabeth Blunk
Mr. Richard Brooks
Dr. Omar Lopez
Dr. Ken Mix
Dr. Michael Supancic, Chair
Mr. Charles Evers (ex-officio non-voting)
Dr. Bob Vazquez (ex-officio non-voting)
McCoy College of Business Administration:
Dr. Phillip Davis
Mr. Zach Kelley
Dr. Ruby Kishan
Dr. Kasey Martin
Ms. Kathy Moffitt
Dr. Janet Payne
Dr. Margot Quijano
Dr. Indu Ramchandran
Dr. Jeff Todd
Dr. Garry White
Dr. Rick Wilson
Mr. Robert Wright
Dr. Gail Zank
Ms. Bethany Mellum, (ex-officio, non-voting)
Dr. Jaymeen Shah, Chair, (ex-officio, non-voting)
Dr. David Wierschem, (ex-officio, non-voting)
College of Education:
Dr. Jo An Zimmermann-Somoza, Chair
Dr. Carol Delaney
Dr. Darcy Downey
Dr. Paige Haber-Curran
Dr. Shelly Forsythe
Dr. Cheryl Fulton
Ms. Joya Konieczny (ex-officio non-voting)
College of Fine Arts and Communication:
Mr. Harry Bowers
Dr. John Denis
Dr. Laurie Fluker
Mr. Jeremy Hutchins
Dr. Jeff Lieber
Ms. Vlasta Silhavy
Mr. Karl Boysen (ex-officio non-voting)
College of Health Professions:
Dr. Karen Gibbs, Chair
Ms. Joanna Ellis
Dr. Nick Henry
Ms. Deborah Howard
Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo
Ms. Jessica Smith
Dr. Kathy Smith
Dr. Jie Yang
Mrs. Sara Boysen (ex-officio non-voting)
Honors College:
Dr. Peter Tschirhart, Chair
Dr. Ronny Haas
Mr. Jordan Morille
Ms. Michelle Sotolongo (ex-officio non-voting)
College of Liberal Arts:
Dr. Emily Brunson
Dr. Maria Czyzewska
Dr. Michelle Edwards
Dr. Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek
Dr. Paul Hart
Dr. Jennifer Jensen
Dr. Holly Lewis
Dr. Blake Locklin, Chair
Dr. Kate McClancy
Dr. Sherri Mora
Ms. Amy Oakes
Dr. Jessica Pliley
Dr. Hassan Tajalli
Ms. Manda Anderson (ex-officio non-voting)
Dr. Lucy Harney (ex-officio non-voting)
Ms. Janey Valdez (ex-officio non-voting)
College of Science and Engineering:
Dr. Dave Donnelly, Chair
Dr. Dana Garcia
Dr. In-Hyouk Song
Dr. Cindy Luxford
Dr. David Snyder
Dr. Jill Seaman
Dr. Harold Stern
Dr. Chad Booth (ex-officio non-voting
Ms. Brooke Tuttle (ex-officio non-voting)