Financial Resources

CPM Certification Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for eligible students. GI Bill® and Hazelwood Benefits are not authorized for certification only students. 

William P. Hobby Scholarships

Every year about 4 scholarships to the Texas CPM Program are given in honor of former Texas Lt. Governor William P. Hobby. These Scholarships are awarded to public sector organizations that select scholarship recipients from their respective organizations.  Examples of organizations which have been recipients of the William P. Hobby Scholarships include: the City of San Marcos, the City of Round Rock, and Texas State University Round Rock Staff. These organizations choose the Hobby Scholars form within their organizations.

Texas City Management Association (TCMA) Barney Knight Scholarship

Each year one scholarship to the Texas CPM Program is awarded to a member of the Texas City Management Association (TCMA). The Scholarship is awarded in honor of former Temple and Austin City Manager, Barney Knight. Mr. Knight is an alumnus of the Texas State University Master’s Program in Public Administration. He is currently an attorney at law, in private practice living and working in Austin, Texas. For additional information about the Barney Knight TCMA Scholarship contact TCMA at (512) 719-6300 or go to the TCMA web site

National CPM Consortium Scholarships

The CPM Education Foundation supports three scholarship programs for CPM students and graduates to participate in current CPM training and continuing education. View a list of grants and scholarships at

Financial Assistance for Academic Credit StudentsCPM courses taken for academic credit may be eligible for certain types of financial assistance:


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