2024 Graduations

Texas CPM Program Graduates 78 at the Texas State Capitol on June 3, 2024

By Sue Breland

The Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program Graduation was held on Monday, June 3, 2024, in the Capitol Auditorium at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.  A reception for the graduates and their guests was held in the Legislative Conference Room of the Capitol Extension.

Dr. Miha Vindis, Director of the Texas CPM Program welcomed the graduates and their guests and introduced Mr. Barry Bales, Director of Uncharted Leadership USA at Cultivating Leadership, educator, and long-time public servant.  Bales delivered the CPM graduation address, challenging the CPM graduates to use all the knowledge and skills they have gained, adopt a leadership mindset, and be the kind of leader that will inspire others to follow.

The Texas CPM Program is a consortium of Texas Universities that operates under the umbrella of Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service. It has been in continuous service since 1995 and across its 29-year history has graduated over 2,500 public and not-for-profit sector employees from the program.

The universities that participated in the June 3, 2024, CPM Graduation are:

University                                                                                 Number of Graduates

Texas A&M International University                                           11
Texas State University Arlington                                                18
University of Texas Rio-Grande Valley                                       30
Texas State University CPM Online Program                           30
Texas State University Round Rock/San Marcos                      8
Texas Tech University                                                                   1

Total                                                                                               78

The names of the June 3 CPM graduates are shown below.

Texas A&M International University, Peter Haruna, CPM Director

Jorge A. Calderon                                    Jesus Dominguez
Monica C. Flores                                     Joseph W. Neeb
Jose Luis Neira                                       Aliza F. Oliveros
Elizabeth Marie Perez                            Vanessa Jacqueline Perez
Araceli Elizondo Solis                            Alberto  Torres Jr. 
Adelaido Uribe III                                 

Texas State University Arlington, Dr. Howard Balanoff and James Earp, Directors

Robert  Bridges                                         Shon Brooks
Jessica Carpenter                                   Jessica Micaela Diaz
Lynsie M. Gomez                                     Shannah Hayley
Paul Henley                                              Kevin Hennessey 
Samuel Eli Hunt                                      Megan Lescallett 
Nathan Ray Mara                                    Nina Martin
Ashley R. Miller                                       John Norman
Cody Petree                                             Jimmy Rogers
Eleana Alexandra Tuley                          Kira L. Wauwie 

Texas State University Inaugural CPM Online Program, Miha Vindis & Sue Breland, Directors

Trina C. Burkes-Jones, PhD                       William W. Cox
Whitney S. Craig, DrPH, MPH                    Erika Martinez
Tricia Mirabelle                                            Michael Rodriguez
Wilmon Conrad Smith                                Timothy J. Underwood
Pamela Marie Williams                              Neiman Carrell Young 

Texas State University Round Rock/San Marcos, Miha Vindis & Sue Breland, Directors

Erica Berry                                                   Michael J. Cassata
Jason James Disher                                  Athena T. Ford
Amanda Hernandez                                   Patricia Meaux
Aspen Navarro                                            Nicole Amber Stautzenberger

Texas Tech University, Kwon Sung, CPM Director

Lorrine Quimiro

University of Texas Rio-Grande Valley, John Milford CPM Director

Miguel Angel Arispe                                     Erica A. Mendoza Balli
William Barton II                                           Alfredo Blanco
Melanie Cano                                                Fernando Cantu
Luis Diaz                                                        Kenneth Ennis
Norberto Flores                                            Adolfo E. Garcia
Laura Denise  Garcia                                    Lucio Samuel Gutierrez Garcia
Oscar Garcia                                                  Edward Gonzalez
Michael A. Gonzalez                                    Melissa L. Gonzalez
Ana Hernandez                                             Laura Hernandez
Federico Lozano Jr.                                    Jose Roberto Maldonado
Jacqueline Moya                                         Carlos J. Olivarez
John Rivas O'Valle                                      Juan Pedraza
Javier Ramirez                                             Daniel Reyna 
Ruben Saenz                                                Maribel Salinas 
J. Ramon Sanchez                                     Janie Velasquez

For additional information about the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service or the Texas CPM Program, please contact Dr. Howard R. Balanoff, Director of the Hobby Center for Public Service at hb02@txstate.edu and/or Dr. Miha Vindis, Director of the Texas CPM Program at mvindis@txstate.edu

Link to the speaker's address video https://txst.yuja.com/v/cpmgrad20240603bales