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List of Courses

The African American Studies Minor Committee has created a list of courses for the proposed undergraduate minor. The attached document below provides a descriptive list of courses among various colleges that can be applied to the minor. Please note that students may take any of the proposed courses and have them count for the minor.

List of Courses for AAS Minor

AAS 2310 - Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 4320 - Global Perspectives on the African Diaspora
ANTH 3314 - Latin American Cultures
ANTH 3322 - Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 3343 - Human Variation and Adaptation
ANTH 4310 - Race and Representation
CI 3310 - Public Education in a Multicultural Society
CJ 3322 - Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
COMM 3318K - Diversity and Communication
COMM 3318M - Intercultural Communication in the Americas
COMM 3329 - Intercultural Communication
COMM 4322 - Rhetoric of Protest Movements
DAN 2368 - World Dance and Cultures
DVST 3301 - Introduction to Diversity Studies
DVST 3320 - Introduction to Global Diversity Issues
ENG 3331 - Literature of Black America
FCD 4351 - Cultural Diversity of Families
GEO 3328 - Geography of North Africa and the Middle East
GEO 3353 - American Ethnic Geography
HIST 3346 - The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 3359 - African American History
HIST 3368S - History of Music and Race in the American South
HIST 3369Y - Black Women and Black Protest in America
HIST 3378 - History of the Blues
HIST 4350A - Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas
HIST 4375B - African-American Experience in Texas
HON 2306C - America in the 1960s: A History of Movements and Ideas
HON 2309M - From Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar: Politics, Power, and Identity in Hip Hop Literature
HON 3392X - The Nature of the Human Experience: The Contemporary African Novel in English
HON 3394Z - The Black Image in Postwar America
MC 4308 - Women and Minorities in the Media
MKT 3385 - Ethnic and Niche Marketing
MU 3375 - History of Jazz
MU 3380D - History of Blues
PHIL 4373 - Themes in Africana Philosophy
PS 3342 - African Politics
PS 4322 - African American Politics
PS 4331 - Islamic Law and Politics
PS 4351 - International Conflict and Security
PSY 3337 - Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination, and Hate
SOCI 3327 - Multicultural Relations
SOWK 4300D - Hip Hop and Social Justice for Individual and Community Change
SOWK 4310 - Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work