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Graduate Minors

Graduate Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

In addition to the undergraduate minor in Women's Studies, Texas State University offers a nine- to fifteen-hour minor at the graduate level in Women's and Gender Studies. The core, like the undergraduate program, is a multi-disciplinary concentration on images and realities of women. The courses allow graduate students to explore the recent research in the discipline in progress around literature across numerous disciplines. The minor is a valuable specialty that will help students to prepare for their personal and professional lives. It is a flexible complement for most graduate disciplines. 


Graduate Minor in Diversity Studies

The Diversity Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary, nine- to fifteen-hour program that encourages students to increase their knowledge of their own culture and diverse groups and cultures in the United States and our global society. the Diversity Studies minor includes critical theories on the intersection of race, gender, and class. In addition, issues related to sexual orientation, ethnic identity and physical ability/disability are analyzed. 

For more information:

For a more detailed outline of the requirements for the undergraduate Diversity Studies and Women's and Gender Studies Minor, please refer to the course catalog.

Or contact:

Dr. Gloria Martinez, Director
Center for Diversity and Gender Studies UAC #478
Texas State University
601 University Drive
PHONE: (512) 245-2361


How to Declare a Minor

Students wishing to declare a CDGS academic minor should contact the advising center in the college of their major.
To learn more about the minor programs or to discuss course substitutions students should contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies.