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Department of Sociology

Guide to Each List

Attributes Specific to Faculty: These faculty members went through the MCTRI. These faculty members transformed THEIR section of the course. These courses will have the MULT, MULP, or both labeled as attributes.

Attributes at the Course Level: The Chair of the Department and the Director for Diversity and Gender Studies met and reviewed this list. The CDGS Director suggested these courses should have the MULT attribute. It includes all courses that were deemed multicultural at the catalog level. Any time one of these courses are taught it receives the MULT attribute for all sections, regardless of who teaches it. 


On all lists there will be a designation of MULT, MULP, or both. The designation will be placed after the course name. MULT stands for the course having Multicultural Content. MULP stands for the course having a Multicultural Perspective. 

  • Audwin Anderson: SOCI 3344 Sociology of Law (MULT & MULP)

    Kyong Hee Chee: SOCI 3383 Aging and Society (MULT & MULP)

    Susan Day: SOCI 1310 Introduction to Sociology (MULT & MULP)

    Deborah Harris: SOCI 3324 Social Stratification (MULT & MULP)

                               SOCI 4309 Qualitative Research Methods (MULT & MULP)

    Gloria Martinez: SOCI 3363 Medical Sociology: The Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior (MULT & MULP)

                                SOCI 5363 Medical Sociology (MULT & MULP)

    Kay Newling: SOCI 3307 Statistics for Behavioral Science (MULT)

    Xi Pan: SOCI 3363 Medical Sociology (MULT & MULP)

    Lisa Lamb-Weber: SOCI 3327 Multicultural Relations (MULT & MULP)

  • SOCI 1310 Introduction to Sociology (MULT)

    SOCI 2320 Social Problems (MULT)

    SOCI 3317 Popular Culture and Society (MULT)

    SOC 3320 Population Dynamics (MULT)

    SOCI 3323 Sociology of Consumption (MULT)

    SOCI 3324 Social Stratification (MULT)

    SOCI 3327 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (MULT)

    SOCI 3330 Globalization and Development (MULT)

    SOCI 3331 Social Movements (MULT)

    SOCI 3333 The Sociology of Popular Music (MULT)

    SOCI 3337 The Family (MULT)

    SOC 3338 Family Problems (MULT)

    SOCI 3340 Sociology of Sport and Leisure (MULT)

    SOCI 3343 Criminology (MULT)

    SOCI 3344 The Sociology of Law (MULT)

    SOCI 3347 Juvenile Delinquency (MULT)

    SOCI 3348 Social Control (MULT)

    SOCI 3349 Drugs and Society (MULT)

    SOC 3350 Gender and Society (MULT)

    SOCI 3353 Urban Society (MULT)

    SOCI 3358 Work and Society (MULT) 

    SOCI 3363 Medical Sociology (MULT)

    SOCI 3365 Society and Environment (MULT) 

    SOC 3366 Folkways and Folklore: An Introduction (MULT)

    SOCI 3372 Food and Society (MULT)

    SOCI 3375M Latinos and Aging (MULT)

    SOCI 3383 Aging and Society (MULT)

    SOCI 3395 Sociology of Sexuality (MULT)

    SOCI 4306 Sociological Theory (MULT)

    SOCI 5306 Sociology Theory Seminar (MULT)

    SOCI 5316 Seminar in Deviation and Social Problems (MULT)

    SOCI 5320 Seminar in Demography (MULT)

    SOCI 5337 Seminar in the Family (MULT)

    SOCI 5343 Seminar in Criminology (MULT)

    SOCI 5347 Seminar in Juvenile Delinquency (MULT)

    SOCI 5350 Seminar in the Sociology of Gender (MULT)

    SOCI 5353 Seminar in the Community (MULT)

    SOCI 5357 Gender and Aging in Society (MULT)

    SOCI 5358 Seminar in the Sociology of Work and Occupations (MULT)

    SOCI 5359 Seminar in Drugs and Society (MULT)

    SOCI 5361 Aging and Dementia: Racial and Ethnic Minorities (MULT) 

    SOCI 5363 Seminar in Medical Sociology (MULT)

    SOCI 5366 Social Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States (MULT)

    SOCI 5367 Seminar in Sustainable Cities (MULT)

    SOCI 5368 Seminar in Environmental Sociology (MULT)

    SOC 5370 Seminar in Multi-Cultural Relations (MULT)

    SOCI 5383 Seminar on Aging (MULT)

    SOCI 5388F Seminar in Poverty (MULT)

    SOCI 5388G Seminar in Food and Poverty (MULT)

    SOCI 5390 Seminar in Globalization and Development (MULT)

    SOCI 5395 Global Insecurity (MULT)