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Previous Transformations

Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute Honorees

Under each college are the departments and professors that have participated in the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation. The professors present indicate that these individuals have successfully completed the two-week or one-week Institute and transformed one or more of their courses to receive an official Texas State multicultural designation. Those courses listed are successfully transformed, in consultation with the Institute Director.

Please select the college and department to reveal the professors and course names.


What does MULT/MULP mean?

Multicultural Content (MULT): Courses with 60 percent multicultural content (U.S. or international.)

Multicultural Perspective (MULP): Courses using a variety of strategies to encourage multicultural literacy, including content, instructional strategies, assessment, and classroom interactions. (When this is the only classification noted, the content is less than 60 percent).

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