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Department of Political Science

Guide to Each List

Attributes Specific to Faculty: These faculty members went through the MCTRI. These faculty members transformed THEIR section of the course. These courses will have the MULT, MULP, or both labeled as attributes.

Attributes at the Course Level: The Chair of the Department and the Director for Diversity and Gender Studies met and reviewed this list. The CDGS Director suggested these courses should have the MULT attribute. It includes all courses that were deemed multicultural at the catalog level. Any time one of these courses are taught it receives the MULT attribute for all sections, regardless of who teaches it. 


On all lists there will be a designation of MULT, MULP, or both. The designation will be placed after the course name. MULT stands for the course having Multicultural Content. MULP stands for the course having a Multicultural Perspective. 

  • Jayce Farmer: PA 3310 Public Finance Administration

    Emily Hanks: PA 3300 Introduction to Public and Nonprofit Administration (MULT & MULP)

    Arnold Leder: PS 3300 Basic Political Ideas (MULT & MULP) 

                            PS 4313 The Holocaust (MULT & MULP)

  • PS 3342 African Politics (MULT)

    PS 3343 Government and Politics of Latin America (MULT)

    PS 3344 Government and Politics of Europe (MULT)

    PS 3345 Government and Politics of Russia (MULT)

    PS 3347 Politics of Modern Southeast Asia (MULT)

    PS 3351 Introduction to International Studies (MULT) 

    PS 3352 Theories of International Politics (MULT)

    PS 3353 Issues in World Politics (MULT)

    PS 3354 United State Latin American Relations (MULT)

    PS 4311 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Greeks to 1600) (MULT)

    PS 4312 Modern Political Theory 1600-1900 (MULT)

    PS 4322 African American Politics (MULT)

    PS 4327 Religion and American Public Life (MULT)

    PS 4331 Islamic Law and Politics (MULT)

    PS 4333 Issues in Law and Public Policy (MULT)

    PS 4343 Politics of Democratization in Developing Countries (MULT)

    PS 4344 The Politics of Extremism (MULT)

    PS 4345 Model International Institutions Competition (MULT)

    PS 4351 International Conflict and Security (MULT)

    PS 4352 International Law (MULT)

    PS 4353 International Organization (MULT)

    PS 4354 Politics of International Economic Relations (MULT)

    PS 4380 Internship in Government (MULT)

    PS 4680 Internship in Government (MULT)

    PS 5330A Nuclear Weapons in Latin America (MULT)

    PS 5330C Party Systems in Latin America (MULT)

    PS 5330D Problems in Political Science: International Humanitarian Affairs (MULT)

    PS 5332 Problems in American Foreign Relations (MULT)

    PS 5356 The British Political Order Since 1900  (MULT)

    PS 5357 Russian Politics and Josef Stalin (MULT)

    PS 5360 Economic Development in Developing Countries (MULT)

    PS 5361 Government and Politics of African States (MULT)

    PS 5362 Problems of Democracy in Latin America (MULT)

    PS 5363 Party Systems in Latin America (MULT)

    PS 5375 Seminar in International Relations Theory (MULT)

    PS 5377 Problems in International Organizations (MULT)

    PS 5378 Problems in International Law (MULT)

    PS 5379 Problems in International Political Economy (MULT)

    PS 5380 International Conflict and Security (MULT)

    PA 3316 Metropolitan Politics (MULT)

    PA 4389 Internship in Public Administration (MULT)