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Department of World Languages and Literatures

Guide of Each List

Attributes Specific to Faculty: These faculty members went through the MCTRI. These faculty members transformed THEIR section of the course. These courses will have the MULT, MULP, or both labeled as attributes.

Attributes at the Course Level: The Chair of the Department and the Director for Diversity and Gender Studies met and reviewed this list. The CDGS Director suggested these courses should have the MULT attribute. It includes all courses that were deemed multicultural at the catalog level. Any time one of these courses are taught it receives the MULT attribute for all sections, regardless of who teaches it. 


On all lists there will be a designation of MULT, MULP, or both. The designation will be placed after the course name. MULT stands for the course having Multicultural Content. MULP stands for the course having a Multicultural Perspective. 

  • Valentina Glajar: GER 3370 German Civilization (MULT)

  • ARAB 1410 Beginning Arabic I (MULT)

    ARAB 1420 Beginning Arabic II (MULT)

    ARAB 2310 Intermediate Arabic I (MULT)

    ARAB 2320 Intermediate Arabic II (MULT)

    ARAB 3301 Levantine Arabic (MULT)

    ARAB 3302 Media Arabic (MULT)

    ASL 1410 Beginning American Sign Language I (MULT)

    ASL 1420 Beginning American Sign Language II (MULT)

    ASL 2310 Intermediate American Sign Language I (MULT)

    ASL 2320 Intermediate American Sign Language II (MULT)

    CHI 1410 Beginning Chinese I (MULT)

    CHI 1420 Beginning Chinese II (MULT)

    CHI 2310 Intermediate Chinese I (MULT)

    CHI 2320 Intermediate Chinese II (MULT)

    CHI 3301 Conversational Chinese (MULT)

    FR 1410 Beginning French I (MULT)

    FR 1420 Beginning French II (MULT)

    FR 2310 Intermediate French I (MULT)

    FR 2320 Intermediate French II (MULT)

    FR 3305 Acting French (MULT) 

    FR 3306 Masterpieces of French Literature (MULT)

    FR 3310 French Pronunciation and Intonation (MULT)

    FR 3341 Advanced Grammar in French (MULT) 

    FR 3350 History of European Cinema I, 1895- 1960 (MULT)

    FR 3351 History of European Cinema II, 1960- to the Present (MULT)

    FR 3381 Business French I (MULT)

    FR 3382 Business French II (MULT)

    FR 4304 Topics in French Literature and Culture (MULT)

    FR 4304B French Genre Fiction (MULT)

    FR 4341 French Composition and Stylistics (MULT)

    FR 4370 French Civilization (MULT)

    FR 4390 Culture, Language, and Literature (MULT)

    GER 1410 Beginning German I (MULT)

    GER 1420 Beginning German II (MULT)

    GER 2310 Intermediate German I (MULT)

    GER 2320 Intermediate German II (MULT)

    GER 3301 Survey of German Literature (MULT) 

    GER 3302 Survey of German Literature (MULT)

    GER 3304A German Cinema (MULT)

    GER 3304B German Colonialism, Orientalism, and Exoticism in Film and Literature (MULT)

    GER 3304C The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema: German Expressionist Films (MULT)

    GER 3305 German on Stage (MULT)

    GER 3310 German Phonetics (MULT)

    GER 3370 German Civilization (MULT)

    GER 3320 Improving German Communication Skills (MULT)

    GER 3380 Business German in Global Economy (MULT)

    GER 4310 Masterpieces of German Literature (MULT)

    GER 4340 Advanced Conversation, Composition, and Stylistics (MULT)

    GER 4390 Studies in German Culture, Language or Literature (MULT)

    ITAL 1410 Beginning Italian I (MULT)

    ITAL 1420 Beginning Italian II (MULT) 

    ITAL 2320 Intermediate Italian II (MULT)

    JAPA 1410 Beginning Japanese I (MULT)

    JAPA 1420 Beginning Japanese II (MULT)

    JAPA 2310 Intermediate Japanese I (MULT)

    JAPA 2320 Intermediate Japanese II (MULT)

    JAPA 3304 Advanced Conversation and Grammar (MULT)

    JAPA 3307 Advanced Japanese Writing and Grammar (MULT)

    JAPA 3308 Advanced Japanese for Business (MULT)

    LAT 1410 Beginning Latin I (MULT)

    LAT 2310 Intermediate Latin I (MULT)

    LAT 2320 Intermediate Latin II (MULT)

    LING 4307 Foreign Language Acquisition (MULT)

    POR 1410 Beginning Portuguese I (MULT)

    POR 1420 Beginning Portuguese II (MULT)

    POR 2310 Intermediate Portuguese I (MULT)

    POR 2320 Intermediate Portuguese II (MULT)

    POR 3308 Advanced Composition and Conversation through the Brazilian Short Story (MULT) 

    SPAN 1410 Beginning Spanish I (MULT)

    SPAN 1420 Beginning Spanish II (MULT)

    SPAN 2310 Intermediate Spanish I (MULT)

    SPAN 2320 Intermediate Spanish II (MULT)

    SPAN 3301 Survey of Spanish Literature (MULT) 

    SPAN 3302 Survey of Spanish Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 3305 Survey of Spanish-American Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 3306 Survey of Spanish-American Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 3307 Advanced Composition for Spanish Heritage Speakers (MULT)

    SPAN 3308 Advanced Composition (MULT)

    SPAN 3309 Intro to Hispanic Literature and Literary Analysis (MULT)

    SPAN 3310 Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics (MULT)

    SPAN 3311 Business Spanish I (MULT)

    SPAN 3312 Business Spanish II (MULT)

    SPAN 3313 Spanish and Media (MULT)

    SPAN 3314 Translation Practice and Theory (MULT)

    SPAN 3370 Spanish Civilization (MULT)

    SPAN 3371 Spanish-American Civilization (MULT)

    SPAN 4302 The Spanish Novel (MULT)

    SPAN 4311 Historical Aspects of Hispanics Linguistics (MULT)

    SPAN 4312 Contemporary Aspects of Hispanics Linguistics (MULT)

    SPAN 4330 The Spanish-American Novel (MULT)

    SPAN 4340 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Stylistics (MULT)

    SPAN 4341 Gabriel Garcia Marquez (MULT)

    SPAN 4342 Don Quijote (MULT)

    SPAN 4350 Latin American Novel and Film (MULT)

    SPAN 4361 Masterpieces of Hispanic Poetry (MULT)

    SPAN 4362 Masterpieces of Hispanic Drama (MULT)

    SPAN 4370 Hispanic Literature of the Southwest: Space and Images (MULT)

    SPAN 4380 Topics in Hispanic Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 4380A Hispanic Nobel Prizes in Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 4380G Women, Minorities, and Marginal Groups in Medieval Spanish Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 4380H Nature and Nation in Latin American Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 5300 Foundation Studies in Spanish (MULT)

    SPAN 5310A Voyages and Encounters in Spanish American Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 5310B Don Quijote. (MULT)

    SPAN 5310C Poetry of Spain and Spanish America (MULT)

    SPAN 5310D Hispanic Literature: Gabriel García Márquez (MULT)

    SPAN 5310E Hispanic Literature: Hispanic Film (MULT)

    SPAN 5310F Contemporary Mexican Narratives (MULT)

    SPAN 5317 Studies in the Cultures of the Americas (MULT)

    SPAN 5390 Studies in Spanish Culture, Language, or Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 5310 Topics in Hispanic Literature (MULT) 

    SPAN 5311 Studies in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Peninsular Literature (MULT)

    SPAN 5312 Studies in Spanish Peninsular Literature from the Eighteenth Century to the Present (MULT)

    SPAN 5313 Studies in South American Literatures (MULT)

    SPAN 5314 Studies in Central American and Caribbean Literatures (MULT)

    SPAN 5315 Studies in Mexican and Mexican-American Literatures (MULT)

    SPAN 5316 Studies in Spanish Peninsular Culture (MULT)

    SPAN 5318 Advanced Composition and Grammar (MULT)

    SPAN 5319 Synchronic Spanish Linguistics (MULT)

    SPAN 5320 Diachronic Spanish Linguistics (MULT)

    SPAN 5321 Spanish Applied Linguistics (MULT)

    SPAN 5322 Spanish for the Professions (MULT)

    SPAN 5390 Studies in Spanish Culture, Language, or Literature (MULT)