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Department of History

Guide to Each List

Attributes Specific to Faculty: These faculty members went through the MCTRI. These faculty members transformed THEIR section of the course. These courses will have the MULT, MULP, or both labeled as attributes.

Attributes at the Course Level: The Chair of the Department and the Director for Diversity and Gender Studies met and reviewed this list. The CDGS Director suggested these courses should have the MULT attribute. It includes all courses that were deemed multicultural at the catalog level. Any time one of these courses are taught it receives the MULT attribute for all sections, regardless of who teaches it. 


On all lists there will be a designation of MULT, MULP, or both. The designation will be placed after the course name. MULT stands for the course having Multicultural Content. MULP stands for the course having a Multicultural Perspective. 

  • Elizabeth Bishop: HIST 2312 History of World Civilization from the 17th

                                   Century (MULT) (MULP)

    Deidre Lannon: HIST 3368T America's History in Song (MULT) (MULP)

  • HIST 1310 History of the US to 1877 (MULT & MULP)

    HIST 1320 History of the US 1877 to Present (MULT & MULP)

    HIST 2310 Western Civilization to 1715 (MULT)

    HIST 2311 History of World Civilization to the 17th Century (MULT)

    HIST 2312 History of World Civilization from the 17th Century (MULT)

    HIST 2320 Western Civilization, 1715 to Date (MULT)

    HIST 3310 History of Europe 1815-1919 (MULT)

    HIST 3311 History of Europe since 1919 (MULT)

    HIST 3312 Renaissance and Reformation (MULT)

    HIST 3313 Europe During the Old Regime, 1600-1760 (MULT)

    HIST 3314 Revolutionary Europe, 1760-1815 (MULT)

    HIST 3315 History of England to 1603 (MULT)

    HIST 3316 History of England Since 1603 (MULT)

    HIST 3319 Colonial History of Brazil (MULT)

    HIST 3320 History of Mexico (MULT)

    HIST 3322 Colonial History of Latin America to 1828 (MULT)

    HIST 3324 Latin American from Independence to the Present (MULT)

    HIST 3325F Militarism in Latin America (MULT)

    HIST 3325G Modern Revolutions in Latin American History (MULT)

    HIST 3325I Resistance and Rebellion in Colonial Latin America (MULT)

    HIST 3326 The Southern Cone of Latin America (MULT)

    HIST 3327 History of Mexico to 1848 (MULT) 

    HIST 3329 Spanish Borderland 1521-1821 (MULT)

    HIST 3332 History of Early Modern Spain (MULT)

    HIST 3333 History of Modern Spain (MULT)

    HIST 3353 The Greater Southwest (MULT)

    HIST 3357 History of US Foreign Relations (MULT)

    HIST 3359 African American History (MULT)

    HIST 3368C Introduction to American Indian History (MULT)

    HIST 3368F History of US Foreign Policy- Making in the Muslim World (MULT)

    HIST 3368K American Cultural History (MULT)

    HIST 3368P The US and Britain in the Sixties (MULT)

    HIST 3368S History of Music and Race in the American South (MULT)

    HIST 3368U US- Cuban Relations (MULT)

    HIST 3369I History of Texas Music (MULT)

    HIST 3371B Health and Illness in American History (MULT)

    HIST 3372  Texas History: A Survey (MULT)

    HIST 3373C The History of Rural Women (MULT)

    HIST 3375A American Labor History, 1877-1945 (MULT)

    HIST 3378 History of the Blues (MULT)

    HIST 3379 History of Rock and Roll (MULT)

    HIST 3380 The Desegregation of the South from 1944- 1970(MULT)

    HIST 3381 Democracy and Education (MULT)

    HIST 3382 Immigration and Ethnicity (MULT)

    HIST 4303 Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean World, 1600 BC-30 BC (MULT)

    HIST 4304 Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean World, 500 BC- 500 AD (MULT)

    HIST 4307 Medieval European History, 300-1400 (MULT)

    HIST 4309 Europe from 1815-1870 (MULT)

    HIST 4317 Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1689 (MULT)

    HIST 4318J The Arab- Israeli Wars, 1948-1996 (MULT)

    HIST 4318R Ancient and Medieval Spain (MULT)\

    HIST 4320 Origins of Christianity (MULT)

    HIST 4325 Islamic History to 1798 (MULT)

    HIST 4326 The Modern Middle East (MULT)

    HIST 4327 The Problem of Palestine (MULT)

    HIST 4328 History of India (MULT)

    HIST 4332 European Colonial (MULT)

    HIST 4333 History of Russia and Eurasia to 1917 (MULT)

    HIST 4334 History of Russia and Eurasia from 1917 to Present (MULT) 


    HIST 4336. Germany from 1815 to Present (MULT)

    HIST 4337. Germany and National Socialism, 1918-1945 (MULT)

    HIST 4343. Modern China, 1600 to the Present (MULT)

    HIST 4344 Modern Japan, 1600- Present (MULT)

    HIST 4345 Postwar Japan (MULT)

    HIST 4346 Modern Korea (MULT)

    HIST 4347 History of Hong Kong (MULT)

    HIST 4348 Mahatma Gandhi in World History (MULT)

    HIST 4350A Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas (MULT)

    HIST 4350D Empire and Identity in Central Asia (MULT)

    HIST 4350E Gender in Latin American History (MULT)

    HIST 4350J History and Culture of Modern India (MULT)

    HIST 4350K Gender & Militarization in the Arab World (MULT)

    HIST 4350L History of Southeast Asia (MULT)

    HIST 4350N The 20th Century Middle East: Syria, Iraq, and Palestine (MULT)

    HIST 4350O History of Indochina (MULT)

    HIST 4350R Workers and Work in the Arab World (MULT)

    HIST 4350U Slaveries: Past and Present (MULT)

    HIST 4350V Histories of Pakistan (MULT)

    HIST 4350W The Great War (MULT)

    HIST 4352 Black Women and Protest (MULT)

    HIST 4360 History of the United States, 1945 to 1968 (MULT) 

    HIST 4361 History of the United States, 1968 to Present (MULT)

    HIST 4367 Antebellum America (MULT)

    HIST 4369 Introduction to Ethnohistory (MULT)

    HIST 4371 Introduction to American Indian History (MULT)

    HIST 4372 Mexican American History (MULT)

    HIST 4373 Economic and Social History of the Americas (MULT)

    HIST 4375A Critical Issues in Texas History (MULT)

    HIST 4375B African American Experience in Texas (MULT)

    HIST 4376 The History of Texas Music (MULT)

    HIST 5309A Interpreting the Eighteenth Century(MULT)

    HIST 5309D Early Modern Spain (MULT)

    HIST 5314 Ethnohistory (MULT)

    HIST 5315A American Sexualities (MULT)

    HIST 5315B Queer History: LGBT Histories in the United States (MULT)

    HIST 5316A Women's Rights in Comparative Perspective (MULT)

    HIST 5316B Women and Empire (MULT)

    HIST 5323 History of Brazil (MULT)

    HIST 5323A Society and Culture in Brazil (MULT)

    HIST 5323B History of Race and Slavery in Brazil (MULT)

    HIST 5324 Latin American History (MULT)

    HIST 5324B Class and Society in Latin America (MULT)

    HIST 5324C Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas (MULT)

    HIST 5324D Writing the History of Latin America: The Colonial Era (MULT)

    HIST 5324E Modern Latin American Revolutions (MULT)

    HIST 5325 History of Mexico (MULT)

    HIST 5325A History of Mexico to 1848 (MULT)

    HIST 5325C Revolutionary Mexico (MULT)

    HIST 5325D Mexico Since the Revolution (MULT)

    HIST 5335 Twentieth Century Russia (MULT)

    HIST 5336 East European History (MULT)

    HIST 5341A Early US Diplomacy Revolution to Reconstruction (MULT)

    HIST 5341B Caribbean Transnationalism and Diplomacy (MULT)

    HIST 5341C Modern US Diplomacy (MULT)

    HIST 5343 The Progressive Era (MULT)

    HIST 5345I History of Texas Music (MULT)

    HIST 5345N Transformation of the South (MULT)

    HIST 5345O Immigration and Ethnicity in American History (MULT)

    HIST 5345P History of Mexican American Music in the Southwest (MULT)

    HIST 5345Q Women and Citizenship (MULT)

    HIST 5346 African American Music (MULT)

    HIST 5347 Texas History (MULT)

    HIST 5348 History of Texas Music (MULT)

    HIST 5351B Cold War America (MULT)

    HIST 5351C Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Labor History (MULT)

    HIST 5351D Politics & Society of Postwar America, 1945- Present (MULT)

    HIST 5351F Women in Modern America (MULT)

    HIST 5353 Greater Southwestern History (MULT)

    HIST 5358 Sectionalism & Slavery in the United States (MULT)

    HIST 5363 Antebellum American Society & Culture (MULT)

    HIST 5366A Women in Antebellum America (MULT)

    HIST 5367 American Civil War (MULT)

    HIST 5369 Music and Social Movements (MULT)

    HIST 5375H Historic Preservation in East Asia (MULT)

    HIST 5375I Heritage in a Global Context (MULT)

    HIST 5375L Controversy and History (MULT)

    HIST 5375P The Family and Child in History and Language (MULT)

    HIST 5381 Chinese Communism (MULT)

    HIST 5382 China and the Modern World (MULT)

    HIST 5395B Modern Middle Eastern History (MULT)

    HIST 5395E Mahatma Gandhi in World History (MULT)

    HIST 5395H European Colonialism (MULT)

    HIST 5395I Global Cold War (MULT)