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Department of Criminal Justice

Guide to Each List

Attributes Specific to Faculty: These faculty members went through the MCTRI. These faculty members transformed THEIR section of the course. These courses will have the MULT, MULP, or both labeled as attributes.

Attributes at the Course Level: The Chair of the Department and the Director for Diversity and Gender Studies met and reviewed this list. The CDGS Director suggested these courses should have the MULT attribute. It includes all courses that were deemed multicultural at the catalog level. Any time one of these courses are taught it receives the MULT attribute for all sections, regardless of who teaches it. 


On all lists there will be a designation of MULT, MULP, or both. The designation will be placed after the course name. MULT stands for the course having Multicultural Content. MULP stands for the course having a Multicultural Perspective. 

  • Scott Bowman: CJ 3322 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice (MULT & MULP)

    Albert Steven Dietz: CJ 3347 Statistics for Criminal Justice (MULT & MULP)

    Georgen Guerrero: CJ 2355 Corrections Systems and Practices (MULT & MULP)

  • CJ 3322 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice (MULT)

    CJ 4314 Terrorism in the United States (MULT)

    CJ 4326 Women and Criminal Justice (MULT)

    CJ 5380I Race, Class, and Crime (MULT)

    CJ 7313 Race and Ethnicity in Crime and Criminal Justice (MULT)