Forensic Anthropology Society

Forensic Anthropology Society Logo

The Forensic Anthropology Society was founded in 2014 and is a registered and recognized student organization at Texas State University. The organization hopes to bring students from all academic backgrounds to learn more about forensic anthropology through mock excavations, academic conferences and events. As a student organization, we believe that there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from forensic anthropology, through research, archaeological techniques as well as providing resources to students for their academic endeavors.

Forensic Anthropology Society Goals:
Expose students to the field of Forensic Anthropology through:

  • The annual Forensic Anthropology Society conference
  • Guest lecturers
  • Graduate school, field school, internships and other educational information nights
  • Promote participation through: mock excavations, volunteer work, fundraising, and social events

For more information, or to join the Forensic Anthropology Society, please contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Ashley McKeown