Undergraduate Student Organizations

The Anthropology Department is pleased to sponsor three outstanding undergraduate student organization, the Archaeology Club, the Forensic Anthropology Society, and the Stones and Bones Club.

Archaeology Club

The Archaeology Club is a student organization created to expose Texas State University students to archaeology.  Although the majority of student members are Anthropology majors or minors, people of all backgrounds are encouraged to join and participate.

Archaeology Club Logo
Forensic Anthropology Society Logo

Forensic Anthropology Society

The Forensic Anthropology Society was founded in 2014. The organization hopes to bring students from all academic backgrounds to learn more about forensic anthropology through mock excavations, academic conferences and events. As a student organization, we believe that there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from forensic anthropology, through research, archaeological techniques as well as providing resources to students for their academic endeavors