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In November of 2012, Micah Wright, a former Marine Infantry Corporal, founded Texas State Tutor Corps to provide academic support for student veterans. Micah had personally experienced many academic challenges related to combat duty, military training, and military service. Further, in talking with other veterans, he learned that they were also experiencing similar academic challenges. As a result, he believed that veterans would benefit from academic support services tailored to the unique experiences (combat duty, military training, and military service) of veterans. Originally designed solely as a veteran-to-veteran tutoring program, today Tutor Corps has expanded to include veterans and military-connected students through its mentoring program, dubbed Guiding. Additionally, Tutor Corps partnered with a variety of programs on campus such as the Veterans Alliance of Texas State (VATS), the Veterans Advisory Council (VAC), and the Veterans Initiative to help ensure the success of Texas State's military-connected community on campus.

In the Fall 2017 semester, Tutor Corps' name was changed to Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC). The VASC now encompasses tutoring,  guiding, a sponsorship program, and new student orientation for all military-connected students at Texas State.

The Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC) strives to become a premier support resource assisting military-connected students in achieving academic success.

The Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC) is a collaborative effort between the university and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide military-connected students with resources and a peer assistance program to support academic success. The peer assistance program is a multi-tiered approach including transitional assistance, social support, and academic services. Guides provide transitional assistance through the university sponsorship program, information on VA education benefits, and social support as required. Tutors deliver academic services for difficult content areas such as science, technology, engineering, math, business, Spanish, and writing. Tutors also provide referrals for study skills services and other specialized academic assistance.

A primary focal point are military-connected students who are within their first three semesters of collegiate education when the challenge can be the most difficult for students in their transition from military service to college.

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