Become an SI Leader

The SI Leader Experience

SI Leaders are tutors who are embedded in classes and help students with understanding course content and developing effective study strategies.

Job Overview:
- Attend 3 hours of lecture every week
- Plan and facilitate 3-5, 50-minute study sessions every week
- Work 8-11 hours per week 
- Have a minimum 3.0 TXST GPA
- Earned an 'A' in course applying for

Job Benefits:
- Gain classroom management and tutoring experience 
- Build connections with other high-achieving students in your major/college
- Network and build relationships with faculty members
- Earn a pay rate starting at $12.00 per hour
- Gain professional development and leadership opportunities
- Build your resume
- Strengthen subject matter knowledge (MCAT prep, GRE prep, etc.)
- Receive early on-campus residence hall move-in 

What Are SI Leaders Saying?




We asked 99 former SI Leaders to describe their experience in one word. This is what they had to say!

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