About Success Coaching

Texas State's Success Coaching, previously Academic Coaching, was established in 2012 as part of Texas State University's quality enhancement plan. 

Success Coaching supports the goal of SLAC by helping students develop an academic and personal plan aimed at graduation and focused on their achievement of short-and long-term career goals. Success Coaching strives to understand student needs, partners with various offices across campus, and provides resources to students. 

Since launching the program, Success Coaching has helped countless students achieve academic and personal success. 


To inspire and empower Texas State students to become confident in their academic skills and abilities.


The mission of Success Coaching is to foster an intentional and interactive partnership with students to enhance their overall academic success by assisting them in developing skills to become self-advocates in their education. 

Benefits of Coaching

Success coaching seeks to learn more about the students, gain insight on their learning/work styles, develops their personal plan to monitor and track behavior, and assess areas of growth. We offer 30 minute one-on-one, in-person or remote appointments. Below are a few benefits that coaching offers:

  • Build individualized academic strategies
  • Enhance classroom performance
  • Have someone to celebrate and affirm you
  • Identify top strengths and capabilities leading to increased self-confidence
  • Improve overall life satisfaction
  • Increase GPA
  • Increase productivity
  • Learn to adapt and navigate change
  • Making your family proud
  • Reduce burnout
  • Strengthen your communication skills

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