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Arthur Latin

Arthur Latin II has been playing drums since he could hold a pair of drum sticks. Arthur has played drums and percussion in practically every genre of music during his professional career.

Currently Arthur is the drummer in The Harry Connick Jr. Big Band. He has recorded own nine albums with Harry since 1997. He is known through out the jazz world as the hardest swinging drummer working today. Arthur also produces music for various groups through out the country. He specializes  in R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop and Electronic music. Arthur is an expert in keyboard and drum programming , sequencing, sound design and recording techniques which gives his productions a unique sound of their own. He is also sought as a freelance drummer in recording studios all over the world. Arthur's approach to drumming is very constitutional. He allows his creativity to begin from an ambiguous and obscure point and blossom into a living and well defined piece of art.