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Jazz Minor

Minor in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy

The School of Music has implemented a Jazz Minor, which is designed to help students in the Bachelor of Music With Teacher Certification Program develop special skills in jazz performance and jazz pedagogy.

Curriculum outline:

  • Two semesters of Improvisation (MU 3233 & 3234) (4 hours)
  • One semester of Jazz Pedagogy (MU 4343) (3 hours)
  • One semester of Jazz Piano Techniques (MUSP 3112J) (1 hour)
  • One semester of Jazz History (MU 3375) (3 hours)
  • One semester of Jazz Combo taken in conjunction with Jazz Improvisation II (1 hour)
  • For instrumentalists: four semesters of jazz ensembles (4 hours)
  • For vocalists: four semesters of VocaLibre or jazz ensembles (4 hours)

TOTAL: 16 hours      

In addition to the above, Jazz minor candidates will be expected to actively participate in regular activities of the jazz ensembles.