Graduate Program

The department routinely places students in the top Ph.D. history programs. Our public history concentration has emerged as one of the most dynamic in the country, placing future public history leaders nationwide.

History Graduate Program

The Department of History at Texas State annually serves over 60 graduate majors. Our graduate studies program offers an M.A. degree  with a concentration in History, Public History, or History Education. Students can specialize in a number of areas of graduate study, spread across the subfields of United States History, World History, and European History, by working with the over thirty full-time, Ph.D.-holding faculty who teach a wide variety of courses spanning the globe in coverage.

Gradudate Program Image

General inquiries into the History Department’s Graduate Program should be made via email to our Acting Graduate Program Director for 2023-2024, Dr. Peter Dedek.  Any requests for advising appointments should be made through our Advising Form.  

Inquiries into our Public History Program and requests for advising appointments should be made via email to Public History Program Coordinator, Dr. Peter Dedek.  Additional information on our Public History Program can be found on the Public History Program website.