Support History at Texas State

Are you a social studies teacher who obtained your History degree at Texas State or a faculty member at a college or university who received an M.A. with us? Did you find that your History degree or the History courses you took provided you with a well-rounded education that better prepared you for your present career? Or, did the History courses you took give you a better understand and appreciation for the world around us?

Then the Department of History made a difference to you.

Now is your opportunity to help make a difference for current History students at Texas State by supporting the work of the department.

History students, faculty, and staff thank you for your generosity.

Please take a moment to explore the various scholarships, programs, and activities that benefit today’s History majors and choose to make a difference by giving, even if just a little. Search for the name of the fund you are interested. After reviewing and deciding how you want to give, please click on the DONATE button and follow the instructions provided. If you prefer to donate by check or money order, please make checks payable to Texas State University-San Marcos and include the name of the fund to be credited in the memorandum line. Send your check to:

Dr. Jeffrey Helgeson
Department of History
Texas State University-San Marcos
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

If you are interested in making a major gift or for immediate assistance, call the History Department Office at 512-245-2142.


After clicking on the DONATE button you are taken immediately to a page on which you enter your first gift. To give to the History Department, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your gift amount
  2. Search for the History in the "search for other Texas State University programs" box
  3. Click on the History Department fund you would like to contribute to.
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. Fill out the "Donation Information" page and select "Continue" to complete your donation
  6. Repeat above steps if you would like to donate to more than one cause. After making your last gift, you may proceed to completing the donation process by selecting “Go to Step 2”

If you have difficulty completing a donation, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Helgeson, Chair of the Department of History, for further assistance.

Faculty Development

(Click Faculty Resource for more information.)

  • Texas State University has long been a beneficiary of the generosity of the Ingram family. In 1990 Callie Ingram established an endowment in her name and that of her husband to fund a professorship in History. Proceeds from this endowment provide research support for the holder of the professorship, who must be a full professor in History carrying out a significant research project during his or her three-year tenure as Ingram Professor.

    Need: As the costs of conducting a large multi-year research project continue to rise, your contribution will allow the size of the research award portion of the professorship to increase.

  • Former History Department chairman, Faculty Senator, and Special Assistant to the President Ev Swinney, along with his wife Donna, established this endowment to support the research of senior faculty in the Department of History.

    Need: This endowment has not yet reached the threshold for the awarding of research awards. Your contribution will help the fund reach maturity and provide vital resources for faculty to carry out research and writing.

  • From 1947 to 1986 William C. Pool had a distinguished career both as a teacher and scholar at Southwest Texas State University. The Department of History at Texas State established this endowment both to perpetuate the legacy of Bill Pool and to promote the study of the discipline that he so dearly loved, through support of activities directed at the dissemination of historical knowledge throughout the state of Texas.

    Need: This endowment has not yet reached the threshold for the awarding of research awards. Your contribution will help the fund reach maturity and provide vital resources for the publication and other dissemination costs of scholarly works produced by department faculty.