Mission Statement

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The teacher-scholars of the Department of History at Texas State University are dedicated to studying, interpreting, teaching, and communicating the human past. Departmental historians understand teaching and scholarly research to be a single unified whole and the most important aspect of their professional activity. The department’s principal teaching mission consists of two aspects: providing an introduction to the study of history as part of the liberal arts foundation required of all Texas State University undergraduates, and of offering a well-developed program of historical study to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, including those training to be secondary-level history and social studies teachers in the public schools and those preparing for careers in public history. The History Department is dedicated to building on its record of introducing students to the diversity of the world through coursework, study abroad experiences and visiting scholars.

A further departmental mission is scholarly research, as faculty members undertake significant research projects to advance historical knowledge and contribute to the constant reinterpretation of historical phenomena. They share their research with the national and international scholarly community through the presentation and publication of historical studies. Departmental members also engage the community and general public in numerous historical programs and activities to increase general interest in history and to broaden understanding of past human activity.