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Undergrad Essay Prize

Aleyda Gonzalez Mckiernan Undergraduate Essay Prize in Southwest Studies

This prize was established in November 2018 to foster undergraduate research that builds toward a more cross-border understanding of the Southwest.  The award will celebrate undergraduate research that best promotes broad humanistic inquiry into the physical and cultural ecology of the diverse peoples of the Southwest. The student who writes the essay that garnishes the Aleyda Gonzalez Mckiernan Undergraduate Essay Prize will receive $250 of scholarship funds, to be disbursed the following fall.

CSSW Undergraduate Essay Prize
Macaluso Endowed Scholarship

Macaluso Endowed Scholarship

Jim and Mary Pendergast made a donation to the Texas State Development Foundation to establish a permanent endowment, the Michael Peter Macaluso Endowed Scholarship Fund in 1996.  One scholarship in the amount of $1,200 will be awarded annually.

Editorial Fellowship

The Center for the Study of the Southwest (CSSW), employs a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) who serves as Editorial Fellow at the Center. The position is renewable for one year based on evaluation of the first year’s work. The Editorial Fellow assists the CSSW staff in production of Texas Books in Review (TBR) and Southwestern American Literature (SAL).  The fellow also carries out one personal research project on a self-chosen topic related to the region.

CSSW Editorial Fellowship