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Scholarships and Performance Grants


Band Area Performance Grants are awarded to students based on performance ability, musical potential, and service to the Department of Bands within the School of Music. These are available on a limited basis and vary in amount depending on the need of a particular instrument in the ensembles and the student’s musical ability. Grants are awarded to both music and non-music majors for participation in the concert ensembles.
  • Grants are awarded by way of an on-campus audition with the Director of Bands normally during the semester prior to enrollment in the bands. 
  • Not all who audition receive a grant. 
  • This audition is for the grant only. It is not for designation as a music major in the School of Music, nor for placement in the ensemble. 
Requirements of Recipients 
  • Recipients must be enrolled as a student at Texas State University.
  • Recipients must participate in either the Wind Symphony or Symphonic Winds. Participation requires a successful placement audition (see audition page).
  • Recipients should demonstrate musical improvement and contribute positively to the ensemble environment.
  • If a student loses their grant through deficiency of any of the aforementioned requirements, he/she may reapply when the requirements are met with the understanding that the re-approval is dependent on all initially described matters and availability of funds at the time.
Disbursement of Grants
  • Award money is disbursed to the recipients student account on or about October 1 for the fall semester and on or about March 1 for the spring semester. Awards are not available during the summer.

Participation Scholarship
  • Each member of the Bobcat Marching Band (BMB) receives a scholarship of $800 for successful completion of the fall season requirements. Details can be found in the BMB Handbook. NOTE: Auditions are required for percussion, color guard, and twirlers. In some cases, auditions for wind players may take place during preseason camp if interest exceeds the amount of students we can support. All students must be registered for the class.
Dedication Scholarship
  • Each BMB member who successfully completes his/her 3rd or higher season receives an additional $200 scholarship.
Leadership Scholarship
  • Each Drum Major and Section Leader who successfully completes his/her leadership duties receives an additional $200 scholarship.


Participation Scholarship

  • Select members of the Bobcat Basketball Band (B3) receives scholarships ranging from $150 to $450 for successful completion of the spring semester season. Ensemble members are selected through audition and all participants must be registered for the class.

Further financial aid information can be found here