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Minor in Military Science

A minor in Military Science requires 23 hours which includes the Basic Course consisting of MS 1211, 1212, 2211, and 2212 (or placement credit given for completing military basic training, ROTC Basic Camp, or at least three years of high school JROTC with instructor approval), as well as MS 3311, 3312, 4311, 4312, and one course in Military History (HIST 4364 is preferred, but we accept HIST 1320 as well.)

To be eligible to take courses 3311, 3312, 4311, and 4312 (also known as the Advanced Course), students must sign a contract to enter the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Students must be medically, morally, and physically qualified and receive permission from the department chair. MS 4312 also requires that cadets qualify for an U.S. Army officer commission by submitting to and passing a thorough background investigation to obtain a Secret security clearance.