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Undergraduate Anthropology majors choose between two degrees: The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The undergraduate curriculum for students seeking the B.A. and B.S. degrees in Anthropology is structured to ensure that all students receive the knowledge to achieve the educational outcomes prescribed by the faculty, as well as allow for flexibility in training so that the personal goals of each student is achieved. Students pursuing either degree have the opportunity to participate in departmental field schools and/or an internship program.

The program mandates that B.A. and B.S. students complete a set of 4 core courses and an additional 18 advanced semester hours within the Anthropology curriculum. Three of the core courses are at the introductory level with instruction in Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 1312), Biological Anthropology (ANTH 2301/2101), and Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 2302/2102). For their fourth core course, students must choose one theory-based anthropology course (ANTH 3301, 3307, 4310, 4337, or 4339). The department offers numerous advanced electives on a regular basis.

Undergraduate Minor in Anthropology

An undergraduate minor in anthropology requires 20 semester hours including ANTH 1312, 2301/2101, 2302/2102, and at least nine hours of advanced ANTH electives.

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