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Roads to Research Workshops

Fall 2022 Roads to Research Grad Chats

The Roads to Research series showcases graduate students from varying fields and allows them to offer their personal reflections on graduate student life, discuss their research experiences, and answer questions about their approaches to research. 

Next Grad Chat: Wednesday, Oct. 19, 5PM LAMP 501

Four Honors Alums will chat about grad school advice



Rachel Frith is currently in the Professional Counseling program at Texas State and plans to become a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist after graduation. Through the program, she is interning at Connections IFS and will graduate in May. She also incorporates mindfulness into much of her work. Rachel graduated from Texas State in 2019 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She graduated in the Honors College after completing her undergraduate thesis, Proposing a Sociolinguistic Dimension to Language Endangerment: The Case of Texas German and receiving an URF.

Amrin (Um-reen) Madhani is a graduate of the TXST Honors College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Literature at Texas State.  In addition, she also works for the university as an admissions counselor, so chances are some of you may have seen her at a college fair in the Austin area! Her research area is Medieval Literature; adolescent literature; and mainly writing about the similarities in both areas. She is a proud mom of two cats (Piper and Obi) and in her free time likes watching TV or scrolling through Tik Toks. Her goal after graduating with my Masters’ is to eventually get a PhD in Literature and teach.

Kandi Pomeroy graduated with a Bachelors in English and a minor in Medieval Studies last year and is now a first-year grad student in the Rhetoric and Composition Program. She has just started to put together a formal thesis proposal concerned with the rhetoric of private paramilitary organizations. She works on campus as a graduate research assistant in the department of Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies where she explores the concepts and facets of adult education and the recognition of prior learning. She receives funding through the GI Bill and the Texas Hazlewood Act for veterans.
She is specifically obsessed with the convergence of Paganism and Christianity in seventh century England and I wrote her honours thesis on the subject. She has travelled all over the world for business and leisure, my favourite place I have ever gone is Caer Leon in Wales.

Zachary Charles Poston is a graduate student of Applied Philosophy and Ethics at Texas State University. He has two undergraduate degrees, an internship, instructional assistanceships, and a summer symposium under his belt. He is currently planning on even furthering his education once graduated (again).


Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) Workshop

Example of an URF workshop, a seminar-style program.

The Honors College offers preparatory URF workshops each semester to help students prepare their fellowship applications. If you would like to attend an online workshop please sign-up for the link: URF Pre-Application Workshops.  

Friday, September 2, 2022
on Zoom

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
​​​​​​​on Zoom

Wednesday, September 14
on Zoom


If you cannot attend during these times, contact Ron Haas,, to set up an online appointment.