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Presenting Your Work


Presenting work at conferences can give students the opportunity to develop their work beyond what is required for a class. It can also give them the opportunity of learning from and networking with other scholars, and responding to the ideas of other scholars about their own work.


Undergraduate student Lamont Colter presenting his poster

All students who are U.R.F. grant recipients are required to present at either the Undergraduate Research Conference held in the spring semester or at another conference in their field. All undergraduate students who have completed or are currently working on a research project are encouraged to apply.

Other On-Campus Conferences

Graduate Student Research Conference (open to undergraduates)

College of Health Professions Research Forum

Philosophy Student Symposium

WiSE Conference

Off-Campus Conferences

There are many opportunities for students of all majors to present their research at conferences around the United States and the world. The professors with whom you have worked most closely are the best people to help you find conferences that would fit your work. Below are some conferences and lists of conferences to start with.

Note: Do not be discouraged if the deadlines for some conferences have passed. If they seem interesting to you, keep checking their main websites for updates to their paper calls.