CSM Courses


Established in 1984, the BS in Construction Science and Management (CSM) degree consists of 120 prescribed hours (no electives), which also includes an 18 credit-hour Business Administration minor. A student who enters Texas State University with zero college credits should be able to complete the degree in four (4) years, if they enroll in an average of 15 credit hours each Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. All students entering the CSM Major are required to complete a 30-hour set of Pre-Construction courses, in which they must receive a “C” or higher grade and an overall average of a 2.5 GPA in these courses, before they can apply to matriculate to the “Full” Major and be allowed to enroll in the upper level CSM courses. Enforcement of this requirement provides the students with the necessary background to be successful in the advanced level Construction courses.

Specialization Offered:  Residential

Following is a list of Pre-Construction, Advanced CSM courses and Business Administration courses required for graduation. Also, students will need to complete a set of “General Education” courses required by all students in the State of Texas seeking an undergraduate degree.

Note, the University Catalog should always be consulted for the exact list of required courses, because students entering under different catalog years, may have slightly different requirements.


Established in 2019, the MS in Construction Management (CM) graduate program is offered 100% online or delivered traditionally on-campus. THE 30-HOUR PROGRAM IS OFFERED IN THE FOLLOWING TWO PATHS Graduates of this program will leave with marketable skills dealing with advanced project management principles and practices, critical thinking and creativity, and complex problem solving and decision making in construction projects. They will also be able to integrate information and communication technology in Construction Management. Texas State will be developing construction professionals who will fill the industry gap for people with advanced management and leadership skills.


Non-Thesis Option

Courses are available 100% online for working students. Can be completed full or part-time. Full-time can be completed in one year.

Thesis Option

Option for students inclined to pursue a Ph.D. or desire to develop in-depth knowledge in a specific area.

Undergraduate Coursework Structure

Pre-Construction Courses

  • CSM 1260 - Introduction to the Construction & Concrete Industry
  • CSM 2313 - Architectural Design I – Construction Documents
  • MATH 2417 - Pre-Calculus
  • PHYS 1315 - General Physics I
  • PHYS 1115 - General Physics I Lab
  • CSM 2342 - Construction Materials and Process
  • CHEM 1335 - Engineering Chemistr
  • CHEM 1141 General Chemistry Lab I
  • MATH 2328 - Elementary Statistics
  • TECH 2351 - Statics and Strength of Materials
  • PHYS 1325 - General Physics II
  • PHYS 1125 - General Physics II Lab

NOTE:  It is recommended that all students take a Math and/or Science course each semester to be able to complete the Pre-Construction within the 3-semester timetable.

All courses must be passed with a "C" or better to matriculate to the advanced courses.

Apply to matriculate the semester before needing to take advanced courses.


Advanced Construction Courses

(Taken after matriculation)

  • CSM 2160 – Introduction to Construction Surveying
  • CSM 2360 – Residential Construction Systems
  • CSM 3360 – Structural Analysis
  • CSM 3361 – Commercial Building Construction Systems
  • CSM 3363 – Heavy, Civil, and Highway Construction Systems
  • CSM 3366 – Soils and Foundation
  • CSM 3367 – Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems
  • CSM 3369 - Residential II
  • CSM 4313 – Architecture Design II – Technology in Construction
  • CSM 4360 – Senior Construction Management Capstone
  • CSM 4361 – Construction Estimating
  • CSM 4364 – Construction Project Management & Scheduling
  • CSM 4368 – Sustainable & Lean Construction Practices
  • CSM 4369 – Construction Contracts, Risk & Ethics
  • CSM 4370 - Residential Capstone
  • CSM 4380 – Construction Safety
  • TECH 2190 – Industrial Internship

* Denotes Residential Specialization

Minor in Business Administration Courses

  • ACC 2301 - Accounting in Organization and Society
  • BLAW 2361 - Legal Environment of Business
  • ECO 2301 - Principles of Economics
  • MGT 3303 - Management of Organization
  • MKT 3343 - Principles of Marketing
  • CSM 3368 Construction Finance (preferred)  OR CIS 3317 E-Business

General Education