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Post Award Support Services

The Post Award Support Services area is committed to provide timely, accurate, and courteous assistance to our faculty, external sponsors and other University personnel. We assist our customers in exercising good fiscal management practices for the administration of externally funded sponsored programs at Texas State University during the lifecycle from establishment to closeout. We provide expertise to interpret guidelines and promote compliance with sponsor and University policies.

Our service-level agreement

Post Award Research Administrators provide services which include but are not limited to:

  • Award establishment, management, and closeout
  • Administrative and financial assistance for faculty, researchers, and other business offices
  • Guidance on sponsor specific guidelines and regulations
  • Invoicing sponsors, federal drawdown and follow up on collections of past due invoices
  • Work with partnering institutions to secure all necessary subcontract documentation if the documentation is not collected during the Pre-award process.
  • Collaborate with other university staff as appropriate
  • Prepare and submit financial reports and assist with electronic submission of technical reports
  • Review budgets, cost sharing and related documentation

Post Award Research Administrators provide oversight and compliance services which include but are not limited to:

  • Assure all regulatory requirements and export control issues are identified and contain appropriate disclosures and approvals
  • Review award document for requirements and highlight key issues for faculty and business offices
  • Facilitate the establishment of agreements with and the payment of subrecipients
  • Work closely with business office staff to ensure all cost share commitments are met

Additional Services

  • Provide guidance of allowability and allocability based on our knowledge of the sponsors, OMB Uniform Guidance and University policies.
  • Assist with submission of RPPRs, Technical Reports that need financial data to be included.
  • Send reminder emails on annual and final technical reports when tied to a payment.
  • Assist with questions that may come up on a proposal, management of an award, and/or the negotiation of the award or account. Post award can assist Pre-Award and Contracting on Request for Proposal terms and Contractual Terms and Conditions as it relates to the OMB Uniform Guidance and University Policy.
  • Provide training and assistance as needed.
  • Prepare and submit amendments for time extensions and funding increases on Non-Federal awards.