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General Purchasing

Attachment Z - Email Request  (Used in conjunction with a contract that is originated by a vendor)  

Emergency Purchase Justification

FS-01 Risk Assessment Worksheet (Required for ALL contracts $500,000 or greater) -  Form Instructions

FS-02 Enhanced Contract Monitoring  (Required for ALL contracts $1,000,000 or greater and High Risk contracts FS-01 score greater than 26)  -  Form Instructions

FS-03 Contracted Services Payment Voucher  -  Form Instructions

FS-04 Contracted Services Amendment Form (PSA Amendments only)

FS-06 Independent Contractor Determination Form  (Individuals or DBA only) Form Instructions

FS-07 Contract Close-Out Form (Required for ALL contracts $250,000 or greater)

HUB Determination Form (HDF) (Required for ALL procurements $90,000 or greater) - Form Instructions

Informal Bid Form (Required for procurements between $15,000 and $50,000) - Form Instructions

LBB Compliance Form  (Required for ALL requisitions $50,000 or greater)

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is an acronym for the National Institute of Governmental Purchasings' Commodity/Services Code. The NIGP Code is a coding taxonomy used primarily to classify products and services procured by the state.

The NIGP Code is most commonly used to classify vendors and to track spending data for use in strategic sourcing and spending analysis. Categorization, reporting, and transparency are all key goals and benefits of this coding structure.

Proprietary Justification Form (Used when the procurement is limited to only one brand, manufacturer, vendor, or provider $15,000 or greater) - Writing Guidance

Recurring Payment Request

SB20 Requisition Documents  (Required for ALL procurements $15,000 or greater)

Texas State University Procurement Certification Statements

Wireless Service Request (New or Existing)

Red Flag Fraud Reminders & Tips

Please follow the link for a brief overview of steps you can take if you suspect fraud. The full training is administered via SAP.