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Try @ TXST

About the Show

In this weekly podcast, follow us as we go more in-depth with the students, faculty, and staff who are behind the different organizations and programs featured in our Instagram video series Try @ TXST, and see what makes Texas State University so unique.

Host: Giselle Kowalski

Producers: Giselle Kowalski and Joshua David Matthews

Watch the Try @ TXST video series.

Office Hours

About The Show

Have you ever been scared to visit during your professor's office hours? Did you find it helpful after you did? This is a weekly podcast that brings one TXST student and one TXST professor together for Office Hours. The twist — the student isn't in that professor's program. Learn along with our student host through a casual chat about why the professor chose to teach, what they're passionate about, and the best advice they have for our Texas State University students.

Hosts: Division of Marketing and Communications Student Interns

Producers: Division of Marketing and Communications Student Interns, Giselle Kowalski, Joshua David Matthews

Big Ideas

About the Show

Big Ideas TXST goes inside the fascinating minds forging innovation, research, and creativity at Texas State University and beyond. Hosted by Daniel Seed, episodes showcase the thought leaders, breakthroughs, and creative expression making the world a better place, one BIG idea at a time. 

Hosts: Daniel Seed

Producer: Jayme Blaschke

Enlighten Me

About the Show

Education is more than the accumulation of knowledge. It’s the growth we experience when digging deep into the topics, systems, and ways of thinking that give flavor to life. Enlighten Me is dedicated to bringing listeners into the world of the unknown and providing meaningful insights into issues that affect us all. In each episode, we bring in researchers and experts from a wide range of fields to discuss a topic and how it relates to their industry.

Hosts: Edward Sanchez and Rodney Crouther

Producer: Joshua David Matthews

States Up

About the Show

States Up is the official athletics podcast of the Texas State Bobcats. Sharing stories of the people within Texas State Athletics, from athletes to coaches and more.

Hosts: Brant Freeman

Producer: Brant Freeman