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Video Requirement

When applying for the Sound Recording Technology program you must include a video of yourself talking about the information requested below. The quality of this video is not used in the selection process. Use the built in web-cam in a laptop, a cell phone, ar any other device capable of capturing both audio & video. You may edit your video, but it is not mandatory that you do so.

- similar to with the restrictions outlined below

- minimum 60 seconds long
- maximum 90 seconds long

Acceptable formats ( either raw files or URLs ):
- Vimeo
- YouTube
- no DVD or Blu-Ray or optical discs will be accepted


So, what information are you supposed to provide?

We would like you to discuss why you think this is an appropriate major for you. You can address this in any way you choose; including, but not limited to: your background, experiences, career goals, academics, musicianship, equipment you own or have access to, or personal issues. Since time is short, it is imperative that you organize your thoughts to present a compelling presentation. What do you think are the most important things we need to know about you?

This video, along with the additional Acceptd application materials, will be used to select the final pool of applicants chosen to audition and complete a more thorough interview.