Honors Course Fair

Honors College Meet The Professor 2019 -Dean Galloway and Student
The best way to meet professors teaching Honors courses and sections. Definitely a must for anyone looking to get a feel for the Honors College.

Monday, March 6 4:30-6:00 PM in the LBJSC Grand Ballroom

In 2022-2023, the Honors College will host its bi-annual Honors Course Fair events in-person.

At this come-and-go, browse-style event, Honors students engage with professors teaching future Honors courses.

Pre - Event

Follow the Pre-Event Instructions below!

Event Day

Engage with Professors
Network with Peers
Course Lottery

Post - Event

Register for Honors Courses!
Email Advisors with any questions
Submit your Faculty & Staff Award Nominations

Pre-Event Instructions:

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Honors Courses

Fall 22' HCF

Course Lottery Explained:

  • Classes with more than 20 requests go through a lottery drawing process.
    • Everyone who submits an official course request will be notified of their status via TXST email address within two weeks after event. Notifications will be sent out before registration for planning purposes.
    • One course section request per student allowed (ie. submitting multiple requests for one section will not increase your chances of winning).
    • Students on probation with the Honors College are not eligible to win lottery.
    • Only students who have received a winning lottery notification will be able to access restricted courses on the first day of registration. All lottery restrictions will be removed from all Honors classes on day 2 of registration.