Ideas on How to Find a Capstone Mentor

Finding a supervisor for your capstone can seem intimidating. So we have put together five helpful ideas on how you can start the process and find a good fit with your research and project interests.

Idea 1 Visit the “Undergraduate Research” page.

The Undergraduate Research page has a list of faculty who are eager to work with undergraduate research. These faculty have contacted us to express their desire to supervise your project, so feel free to communicate with them directly. They won’t be surprised to hear from you!

Idea 2 Think about your favorites classes.

If a specific class influenced your academic career, think back to the faculty member who helped push you in a new direction. If their area of specialty aligns with yours, you might have found a good advisor.

Idea 3 Consider Taking HON 4390A.

Finding a faculty advisor is a built-in requirement to the course, and you’ll be encouraged through a series of class activities to identify and speak with potential advisors. Some students find this structure useful!

Idea 4 Informational interviews.

Maybe you haven't taken a course on your capstone topic, but maybe you've heard about a faculty member who shares your interests. Ask them for a 15-minute informational interview. Talk with them about your ideas, and see if they have any advice. Maybe they can help you improve your project or find an even better advisor!

Idea 5 Contact Honors.

If all else fails, contact the Honors College. We may have connections or insight into faculty members who may be a good match with your project. Send an email to