Minor in Honors Studies

21 hours 15 hours of coursework + 6 hours of Capstone + CCE

9 hours cannot count toward any other degree requirement
12 credit hours must be at an advanced level
No double-dipping between major and minor(s)

What is the CCE?

The "Cross-Cultural Experience" is a great opportunity to break out of your comfort zone, to learn about a new place and culture, or to get engaged with a new community in a meaningful way. Explore your options through Education Abroad or independent research.

Important! Minoring in Honors Studies means you need:

HON 4390A - Capstone Development
HON 4390B/4090 - Capstone
Completed CCE

10% Did you know...

10% of Honors students pursue The Minor in Honors Studies!

Ready to Declare?

Request to add the Minor to your degree plan after discussing the requirements and expectations with an Honors advisor.