Honors Contracts & Independent Study

Honors Credit by Contract

The Honors Contract Course allows an Honors College student to enroll in a 3000 or 4000-level non-Honors course, complete additional work that represents a qualitative enhancement to the existing course, and have the completed course with contracted work count for Honors credit. A student may also choose to contract any independent study course offered at the university to count for Honors credit.

Contract process overview:

  1. Before the semester: The requesting student must submit the Honors Contract Course: Submission Form by the 12th class day (fall or spring) or the 4th class day (summer) of the semester.
  2. After the semester: The supervising faculty member must submit the contract assessment form along with tangible evidence associated with the contract process. (E.g., the extra paper, report, or presentation completed for contract credit).

Additional details about the Honors contract process are explained on our contract course background information page.

Independent Study in Honors

Honors Independent Study (HON 4391) is offered every semester. This course allows students to study selected materials under the direct supervision of a professor for Honors credit. The course meeting days, times, and substitutions are arranged by the professor and Honors College student. All students seeking an independent study in Honors must meet with Dr. Haas.