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Investigative Questions to Consider


  • What are the location types connected to this crime or crime series?
  • Where are these locations? Map them!
  • What are the distances and travel times between them?



  • When did the crimes occur (date, time, weekday)?
  • What was the weather?
  • How much time was there between crimes? 


Site Selection

  • How are the crime locations accessed?
  • What else is in the general area?
  • How might the offender have known of these locations?
  • What purpose did the crime locations serve?


Target Backcloth

  • Where is the target group (and where is it not)?
  • How much control did the offender have over the choice of crime locations?
  • Has displacement (in space or time) occurred? 



  • What hunting method did the offender use?
  • Why these sites and not others?
  • What was the offender's likely transportation?